What do we mean when we say...
We've selected our Partners carefully

I review hundreds of brands and get to know every supplier we work with personally, these are real people trying their utmost to bring the best innovation with the least harm and we're proud to support each other in driving real and needed change.

Every product ranged has been tried and tested by me,  I'm looking for products that really deliver above and beyond my expectations and experience of 10 years as a beauty buyer. What you see on these pages are the results of months of testing, trialling, thought, discussion and deliberation to bring you the highest standard in beauty, with the most compelling ethics. This is your introduction….but we’re just getting started.

We take sourcing Ingredients seriously

We take the sourcing of ingredients extremely seriously and every brand must sign a document whereby by they confirm that every ingredient they use in their products are sustainably and responsibly sourced. This means that they know exactly where the ingredients come from, on what land they are produced and who harvests them. But we know that isn’t the whole story and we all have a further responsibility toward the environment and each other after a product washes of your skin and into the waterways. With this in mind brands are also asked to confirm that non of the ingredients they use are toxic or damaging to people or the environment, regardless of whether they are natural or synthetic, this includes products that are harmless in small doses but have the potential to bio-accumulate in nature!


The SUSTbeauty position is that we should all be doing our utmost to reduce plastic packaging and packaging in general. None of the brands we work with plastic wrap their outer packaging, some use a protective cardboard outer boxes which are of course fully recyclable. Some brands prefer to use plastic bottles for safety reasons, when a product is likely to be used in the shower for example. With high grade sensitive formulations a rubber and glass pipette application or plastic pump are used to preserve the integrity of the product so it remains fit for purpose for longer, these are the trickiest to recycle. The pumps can be unscrewed and the inside space where there is a coil can snapped off with pliers, you can then throw all the separate parts in the recycling…..but that’s quite a lot to ask so the easier option is to find you local free Terracycle drop off for all pumps and pipettes. The link to their interactive map is below. All jars are glass, some with glass lids, some with recyclable plastic lids. 


Carbon Footprint

The majority of the SUSTbeauty edit is intentionally sourced from within the UK and Europe to try to keep the carbon emissions as low as possible. Brands that make their product elsewhere have a holding warehouse in the UK so keeping emissions to a minimum. Any products that have come from outside of the UK have been shipped using a carbon neutral courier service and/or a carbon offset donation via MyClimate. We also use a local courier for our deliveries to you and only deliver within the UK. We are also powered by a responsible energy supplier using 100% renewable resources.

ethical Money Matters

We are proud to bank with a British responsible bank who do not invest in arms, oil or any other industry that might be considered damaging to humanity or the environment.


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