What does SUST stand for?

SUSTbeauty is a new approach to do beauty. Working with the creative minds behind the best innovation in sustainable and responsible beauty science. Real people trying to create Beauty For The Better. Responsibility and Sustainability are the future of this fantastic industry. When you strip back the marketing hard sell and the ingredients confusion, read the detail and work to understand how products are made, there are true hero’s of ethical efficacy out there. SUSTbeauty is a home to these products. We have close relationships with everyone we work with and together we want to help you make informed easy small changes that will have a greater impact on the future of beauty.

Is everything you sell natural?

The Natural Vs Synthetic argument feels outdated to us.At SUSTbeauty we prefer to look at things more simply in that there are some ingredients that are bad for us and bad for the environment regardless of their origin, we do not buy in to brands who use these ingredients. 

Equally there are ‘good’ ingredients that are effective and beneficial to us without causing harm in production or after use. The ingredients are what we consider to be truly sustainable and welcome at SUSTbeauty. 

All brands we work with must sign a confirmation that any ingredient they use is non toxic at all dosage and does not bioaccumulate.

Is everything you sell organic?

At present there is very minimal regulation in the UK around how a product can be deemed Organic. Some brands choose to pay a fee and be assessed by the Soil Association and receive the Eco-cert if they are more than 95% organic ingredients. Others source their products organically and grow it themselves but don’t invest in the qualification for their own reasons. SUSTbeauty is about selling the best products that do no harm. That means that many of the brands we work with do indeed make organic products but we don’t feel that exclusively organic is the only.

I have a line of natural products. How can I sell them on SUSTbeauty.com?

We are always looking to chat to new creators, please do get in touch on hello@sustbeauty.com.


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