Environmental responsibility and sustainability are modern choices and deserve a modern home.  SUST beauty serves up innovative brands that look, feel and DO good.

What does SUST beauty mean?

An honest and intelligent destination for those seeking to make better choices. It means thoughtfully crafted and efficacious products that are sustainably made, non-toxic and responsibly packaged. 

It means we are committed to creating a more transparent beauty industry for the future. It means removing ambiguity. It means making this the norm.

About Me

After 10 years as a beauty buyer for a luxury store I decided to make the big scary step of launching SUST. I've always loved discovering new brands, learning  their stories and championing their products! 

I wanted  to use my experience to celebrate the most ethical and innovative in beauty in an honest and transparent way. I'm passionate about sharing my little discoveries with you and still get so excited with each new launch.

Zahra xx

a statement for beauty without compromise

 A reinvention of what a beauty store can be, you can buy from SUST beauty  safe in the knowledge that every product is carefully curated to meet the highest standards of efficacy and responsibility.

A destination for those of us seeking to make better choices.


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